Automate your business and get more leads!

More than 60% of all website chats are handled by automated chatbots. This number is constantly rising. Why? Most customers and visitors like 24/7 self-service when it suits them, even outside business hours. Many businesses increase the number of leads by having an automated web presence, yet saving substantial costs for additional employees. Business Automation is key!

KCM Telecom provides tailor-made automated AI Chatbots as a Service. We will individually create your own chatbot, host it and keep it up-to-date. We will monitor the performance of your bot, suggest optimisations and provide monthly reporting. Easily integrate your bot into any website, Facebook page or WhatsApp. Utilise all channels to interact with potential customers and collect their contact data. All GDPR-compliant. And if real human interaction is required, we can handover to a real agent.

KCM ChatBot

Chatbots are as individual as your business. Therefore we don’t offer standardised pricing. The price depends on complexity, services and type of business – in short:
We charge the price that is right for you!

Chatbots are like marketing campaigns, just more cost-effective.

Let your website work for you!

“We switched from our previous provider to KCM Telecom as it helped HYCM cut down its call costs without compromising the call quality. In some instances, it was even improved. KCM Telecom provided us with fast and proactive support and they are constantly looking for ways to improve their services to HYCM.
We are very happy with KCM Telecom and we look forward expanding our collaboration with into the near future.”
Katerina Oikonomou
Director, HYCM part of Henyep Group, Cyprus

Automate your customer service and collect more leads!

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