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KCM Telecom vs. Cyta Business

Cut call costsWhen looking into replacing a proprietary phone system with a modern Cloud PBX, there are many factors to consider. Important factors are pricing and feature set. In this article we are focusing on the pricing and compare KCM Cloud PBX with Cyta Business.

KCM Telecom conducted some research on how our services compare to Cyta Business and other providers, like Cablenet and Primetel in regards to Cloud PBX and Communication Services in Cyprus.

We contacted all providers to send us an offer, obviously not mentioning that we are doing research and in no way connected to KCM Telecom. The result was rather disappointing:

Only Cyta reacted fast and called us to collect more information about our requirements. One day later we got the offer for Cloud PBX services. Cablenet called three days later and promised to send an offer, we are currently waiting for one week to get the email, no offer yet. Primetel didn’t even react to our inquiry.

In the phone conversations, we recognized an important point for both Cyta and Cablenet: Their main focus is on selling internet connectivity, not additional cloud services.


We asked for offers for the following scenario:

A new company with 10 employees is looking for a Cloud PBX solution with all modern PBX features like receptionist facility, ring groups or auto attendant (Press 1 for …, press 2 for ….) inclusive phone numbers and call rates.

As mentioned, we only received the Cyta offer to base our comparison on. We assume that offers from the other providers would be quite similar.


The following table provides an overview of the comparison KCM Cloud PBX vs. Cyta Business.

Basic Service ComparisonKCM Cloud PBXCYTA Business
Billing Unit60/160/60
Connection/Setup Charges€ 29,50€ 39,13
Phone Number per monthincluded€ 50,86
Users per month€ 59,00per DID
Managed Service / monthfree€ 124,18 per month or € 25,87 per ticket
Charges Intra Company Calls / monthfreefree (with desk phones)
PBX includedYesYes
Cost additional features / monthfreeYes
Total Setup Costs (one off)€ 29,50€ 39,13
Total monthly fee for 10 users€ 59,00€ 175,04
Additional Feature ChargesKCM Cloud PBXCYTA Business
Receptionist facilityincluded€ 15,00€ 5,18
Ring Group facilityincluded€ 8,70€ 4,35
Remote Office facility / per userincluded€ 10,34€ 5,18
Auto Attendantincluded€ 30,00€ 12,60
Call Centre facilityincluded€ 31,05€ 25,87
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) facilityincluded€ 10,35€ 2,80
Telephony OnTheGo facilityincluded€ 5,95€ 2,00
Fax-on-email facilityincluded€ 11,90€ 0,00
Total Costs for additional features 4 users€ 0,00€ 172,16€ 79,52
Both KCM Telecom and Cyta got a basic service charge per month and setup costs. Let’s review these in more detail:
  • Billing Unit: This unit clarifies on how call minutes are charged. Cyta charges 60/60. This means that every minute gets charged in full. E.g. if a phone call lasts 4 minutes and 10 seconds, you will get charged for 5 minutes. KCM Telecom bills 60/1. Calls below 1 minute get charged the full first minute. After the first minute, calls get charged per second. So above call would get charged exactly 4 minutes and 10 seconds. The average savings with 60/1 billing unit are around 30% of the call costs, which is quite substantial.
  • Setup charges apply for both, however KCM Telecom charges less.
  • Phone numbers (DIDs) / users per month: Cyta provides a phone number for every user, so in their terminology a user is the same as a phone number. With KCM Telecom, phone numbers and users are different entities. Phone numbers can be shared between users, e.g. by utilizing ring groups and intelligent call routing. Cyta charges for all 10 phone numbers per month and additional numbers (EUR 50,86 and only EUR 38,15 for the first 12 months). KCM Telecom however charges EUR 59,00 for up to 12 users. These 12 users are an estimate, you can get more at no extra costs depending on business case. Cyta will lock you into a contract for 24 months, KCM Telecom works with a commitment of 12 months.
  • Managed Service per month: Managed Service means, that the management of your phone system is outsourced to the provider once it is set up. Any inquiry, e.g. adding more employees to the service, change of routing for phone numbers, creation of call center queues etc. is covered by managed service. KCM Telecom includes this service at no extra charge. Managed Service was not part of the Cyta offer, according to their website the charge is either an additional EUR 124,18 per month or you pay EUR 25,87 per incident/call. Given the fact, that managed service is included in the KCM Cloud PBX package, we will add the Cyta monthly charge to this comparison.
  • Charges for intra company calls: KCM Telecom offers user extensions for every employee to be used via smartphone, web client or desk phones. Every employee gets a 3-4-digit internal number, calls between these numbers are free of charge and can be used while on the Go as well. Cyta does not offer smartphone clients by default, so you will need to purchase desk phones in order to call each other’s extension for free. The costs of 10 desk phones are EUR 641,30 and can be paid in 12 monthly installments of EUR 53,45. Without desk phones, you will be able to call your colleagues on their phone numbers. This is not free of charge and Cyta offers call packages. For comparison reasons, we leave the additional costs for desk phones aside. KCM Telecom also offers desk phones on demand.

Intermediate Result

The basic service costs per month besides setup fees are as follows:

KCM Telecom: EUR 59,00 per month
Cyta Business: EUR 175,04 per month

Includes: Phone numbers / users for 10 employees, Cloud Phone System (PBX), Managed Service.

Additional features and costs

KCM Cloud PBX offers modern PBX features and unified communications out of the box at no extra cost! Our team is able to provide a tailor-made turnkey solution for your business. After reviewing your requirements, our specialists will setup receptionists, auto attendants, ring groups, call centers, conference facilities and much more. Cyta Business does not include these features as part of their basic service. As you see in above table, there are extra setup and monthly charges per feature. Even if you might not need all these features now, KCM Telecom got you covered in case you will need them in the future.

Final Cost Comparison

In order to provide a full picture, all features and services KCM Telecom provides are compared to Cyta Business, including PBX and hosting, per user/number pricing, managed services and additional features. Here are the total costs for 10 employees:

KCM Cloud PBX:

  • Setup: EUR 29,50.
  • Monthly fee: EUR 59,00 (annual payment)
  • Additional charges for phone numbers apply if required.
  • 12 months commitment
  • On average 30% savings on call costs due to 60/1 billing
  • Free user to user calls
  • Smartphone Clients for Android and iOS, Web-Client. No desk phones needed.

Cyta Business:

  • Setup: EUR 211,29.
  • Monthly Fee:
      • EUR 254,56
      • EUR 130,38 without managed service
  • 24 months contract
  • Additional charges may apply for colleague to colleague calls

KCM Telecom enables huge savings on setup and monthly costs with our KCM Cloud PBX Service. If you want to start with a few extensions only, then have a look at our KCM Call & Meet service.

Besides huge cost savings, you profit from additional features at no cost. The following features can not be provided by Cyta Business.


Additional Features of KCM Cloud PBX

  • Zoom-like Web & Video Conferences with up to 100 participants
  • International phone numbers and competitive call rates
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Website Chat & Talk
  • Office 365-Integration
  • CRM-Integration
  • Click2Call
  • Call Recordings
  • Powerful Reporting

And many more.

As you see, it is a no-brainer to sign up for the services of KCM Telecom. Test the web meeting facilities directly on our website and get a trial extension to test our phone calls.

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